Previously, Candidasa was known as Teluk Kehen (Kehen Bay). But when this area was finally opened as tourism depelovment area, the name Candidasa was started to be used.

There is no certain report about the historical backgound of the name. However, it is assumed that the choice of this name is connected with the story of "lingga" inside the temple lies on the top of Candidasa hills.

An old manuscript found here mentions that Candidasa Temple was built on the 12th Century. There is a remain called "lingga" inide the temple, which is believed as the symbol of God Siva. In this holy place hermits often received their highest solitude or "heaven" by uttering 10 letters called "Dasa Aksara" (10 = Dasa).

Another story says that the name Candidasa was inspired by a statue near the lingga. It is a statue of Goddess Hariti that surrounded by 10 children. It is believed that Goddess Hariti could give blessing of welfare and prosperity to the people who pray here.

Candidasa is located at Samuh - Bugbug village, Karangasem district. It is about 65 km from Denpasar and 12 km from Amlapura.

Facilities available here are restaurants, small hotels to star hotels and other facilities needed to support the industry.

Candidasa is well known for its shiny white sand. Tourism industry flourishes significantly in this area that background by the Indonesian Ocean. From this place, we will see Lombok Island and Nusa Penida in a distance and the sparkling light of "Jukung" or traditional boat at night that will always draw us to come again.



The tourist object of Iseh is situated at Iseh village, Sidemen district,who is near from Amlapura city. The distance of this object is about 52 kms from Denpasar and can be easily reached by public or private vehicles.


Some facilities are available in this object, such as small hotels with its rural air and art shops that offer the most famous product of this area which is known as "Endek Bali", In those art shops we can find something to be brought home to remind us of this small paradise.

The magnificent nature of Iseh has been famous since years ago, for the most fascinating natural view can be seen here. Mount Agung stands in a distance with its steep valley, river that winding with its clear water in the middle of vast green carpet of terraced rice fields, where traditional farmers work so hard become interesting view to witness.

The beautiful panorama of Iseh was introduced to the world by two foreigners who had lived in this area for a quite long time. Through their paintings, they documented the adorable view of Iseh village with its special daily life of the people. Those two painters are Walter Spies from Germany and Theo Meier from Switzerland. They spent most of their time to socialize with the local people and to closely know their custom and culture.


Ujung Water Palace, which by the local people is called as Taman Soekasada Ujung, was built in 1919. However, the launching of this complex of water palace was performed in 1912.

The water palace was constructed by the late King of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, that reigned in Karangasem between 1909 and 1945.

Ujung Water Palace was majestically built to welcome and to serve important guests and Kings from neighboring countries, besides for the pleasure of the King and his royal family.

Taman Soekasada Ujung lies at Tumbu village, Karangasem district. It is approximately 85 km from Airport Denpasar and 5 km from Amlapura.

Tourism activity in this area is supported by the available of food stalls, small restaurants and quite large parking area. Visitors who are interested in local crafts product can find some of them in art shops available here.

Taman Soekasada Ujung has been announced to be a cultural tourist object for it is noted as one of several cultural heritages exist in Karangasem regency.

The complex of this water palace is the combination of Balinese and European architectures. There are 3 big and large ponds inside the area. In the middle of the main pond, there is a building that connected to the edge of the pond by 2 bridges.

On the most tip of the highest level of this complex, we will find a great statue of "warak" (rhinoceros). Beneath the warak there is a Bull statue. From this high place we will see a marvellous view of sea, hills with lush and green forest, the beauty of Mount Agung combined with the green terraced rice fields.

The greatness of Ujung Water Palace had been destructed by the explotion of Mount Agung in 1963 which was made worst by the great shake happened in 1979. However, the recovery effort had been performed to bring back the glory of this complex of water palace by holding a reconstruction and revitalisation project on it. Although it is not as great as it was, the amaze of the past still can be seen here this moment.

(Courtesy of Karangasemtourism.com)



Tulamben is a village, of which the name was taken from the word "Batulambih". Batulambih means many stones caused by the explotion of Mount Agung. By the time, this word changed into Batulamben and eventually pronounced as Tulamben. This area then flourished into a tourist destination that worth to visit.

This tourist destination is situated at Tulamben village, Kubu district. It is about 102 km from Denpasar and 25 km from Amlapura.


There are some facilities available to support the industry, such as small hotels, restaurants, and even food stalls. For visitors who longs to see the underwater life of this area, diving operators are available here.

Tulamben village grows into tourist area for its strategic position and because of the beauty of its surroundings. From here, we will be able to witness the fascinating view of Mount Agung on the west side. Besides, it also offers a magnificent panorama of marine life.

In our underwater adventure, we will find the wreck of US Liberty ship from the World War II. It becomes another attraction of Tulamben for visitors. While going back to the past, in this sunken ship, we will see beautiful tropical fish and other marine lives.



Based on the folktale the name of Jemeluk derived from the word "menyeluk" or "seluk" which means gulf. This area is famous for it under water life.

Jemeluk is precisely situated at Purwakerti village, Abang ditrict. It is about 100 km from Denpasar and 21 km from Amlapura.

Around the area, we will be able to find small restaurants, hotels, and food stalls. For visitors who wish to closely enjoy the sea panorama, a stopover is available.


Jemeluk becomes interesting to visit for its amazing luxurious underwater scenery. Its shallow save and clear water give comfort for visitors who loves diving activity very much, to see tropical fish and other marine lives exist here.

The coral reeves found in this area becomes another attraction of Jemeluk that draws visitors from all over the world.

Besides the underwater panorama, we can also enjoy beautiful view of the surrounding area, which shows the fascinating scenery of hilly land with its steep valleys that combined with the vast sea.

The traditional process in making salt performed by the local people, should not also be passed when we visit this area.



Temple anniversary celebrations at :

5 July

Usaba Keenem ceremony,
upacara Usaba Keenem ;

- Rituals of the sixth month started with full moon ceremony held at Ujung and Asak ( village neighbour ) ended by ceremony at Ian Katimaha temple at 07.00 am.

- Ritual bulan ke-enam diawali dengan upacara bulan purnama di Ujung dan Asak (desa tetangga) yang ditutup dengan upacara di pura Ian Katimaha pukul 07.00 wita.

16 July

- Ritual called "Mesanggah Jumu" held at every house entrance asking for safety in the early morning followed by meeting at Bale Agung.

- "Mesangguh Jumu" ritual yang diadakan di pintu masuk rumah untuk memohon keselamatan dipagi hari dilanjutkan dengan pertemuan di Bale Agung.

24 July

- "Usaba Juru Gamel" followed by meeting in Bale Agung attended musician group of Selonding, the leader is the young man and Saye Penyarikan.

- "Usaba juru Gamel" dilanjutkan dengan pertemuan di Bale Agung diikuti para penabuh gamelan Selonding yang dipimpin oleh pemuda dan pelaksana teknis dilapangan.

7 July

Pura Batu Madeg Besakih complex - Rendang district. Ceremony stat at 10.00 am.
Pura Batu Madeg di komplek Pura Besakih - Kec. Rendang piodalan pukul 10.00 wita.

10 July

Pura Peninjauan, Besakih complex - Rendang district. Ceremony stat at 10.00 am.
Pura Peninjauan, di komplek Pura Besakih - Kec. Rendang piodalan pukul 10.00 wita.

14 -17 July

Pura Puseh Desa Pekarangan, Ngis - Manggis district. Usaba Puseh ceremony, with the following events; ;

- 14 July, Buitan beach, Melasti ritual accompanied by Abuang, Kris and Legong dances start at 02.00 pm.

- 15 July, Mendak Betara Pucak Sari procession accompanied by Abuang, Kris and Legong dances start at 01.00 pm.

- 16 July, the main ceremony accompanied by Abuang, Kris and Legong dances start at 12.00 am.

- 17 July, Pengusan ritual accompanied by Abuang, Kris and Legong dances start at 01.00 pm.

Pura Puseh Desa Pekarangan, Ngis -Kec. Manggis Usaba Puseh

- 14 Juli, Prosesi Melasti ke Pantai Buitan diiringi Tari Abuang,Tari Kris dan Tari Legong pukul 14.00 wita.

- 15 Juli, Mendak Betara Pucak Sari diiringi Tari Abuang, Tari Kris dan Legong pukul 13.00 wita.

- 16 Juli, Puncak Upacara diiringi Tari Abuang,Tari Kris dan Legong pukul 12.00 wita.

- 17 Juli, Pengusan/ penutup upacara diiringi Tari Abuang,Tari Kris dan Legong pukul 13.00 wita.

15-17 July

Pura Bale Agung, Bugbug - Karangasem district. Aci sumbu/ Usaba Manggung ceremony accompanied by Rejang dance (15 july), Abwang, Pendet and Daratan dances

(16-17 july).
Pura Bale Agung, Bugbug - Kec.Karangasem . Aci sumbu/Usaba Manggung diiringi Tari Rejang (15 Juli),Tari Abwang,Tari Pendet dan Daratan (16-17 july).

15-19 July

Pura Puseh, Asak - Karangasem district. Usaba Sumbu ceremony, with the following events;

- 15 July, Bangun sumbu kelod and Medewa saksi start at 09.00 am.

- 16 July, Ida Bethara Mesolah/ God dancing at 09.00 am.

- 17-18 July, procession accompanied by Abuang Teruna, Pendet, Abuang Dehe and Rejang dances at 09.00am and 03.00 pm.

- 19 July, Closing ceremony/ Pengusan at 05.00am until 09.00am procession accompanied by Abuang Teruna, Pendet, Abuang Dehe and Rejang dances.

Pura Puseh, Asak -Kec. Karangasem Usaba Sumbu.;

- 15 Juli, Bangun sumbu kelod dan Medewa saksi pukul 09.00 wita.

- 16 juli, Ida Bethara Mesolah pukul 09.00 wita.

- 7-18 Juli, puncak upacara diiring Abuang Teruna, tari Pendet, Abuang Dehe dan Tari Rejang pukul 15.00 wita.

- 19 Juli, Pengusan upacara diiringi Abuang Teruna,tari pendet,Abuang Dehe dan Tari Rejang pada pukul 05.00 wita s/d 10.00 wita.

18 July

- Pura Penataran agung, Pura Tirta, Pura Pengubengan, Besakih complex - Rendang district. Aci - aci Penaung Taluh ceremony start at 10.00 am.

- Pura Segara Sengkidu (Rejang, Baris bedil, Baris tombak and Baris bajra dances), Sengkidu - Manggis district. Pura Puseh, Penek Ban - Kubu district. Aci purnama kasa ceremony.

- Pura Renini, Pesedahan - Manggis district. Ceremony accompanied by Rejang, Pendet and Kris dances start at 02.00 pm.

- Pura Candidasa, Bugbug - Karangasem district. Ceremony start at 07.00 am.

- Pura Penataran agung, Pura Tirta, Pura Pengubengan, di komplek Pura Besakih - Kec. Rendang. Aci - aci Penaung Taluh pukul 10.00 wita.

- Pura Segara Sengkidu (Rejang, Baris bedil, Baris tombak dan Baris bajra), Sengkidu - Kec.Manggis. Pura Puseh, Penek Ban - Kec.Kubu. Aci purnama kasa.

- Pura Renini, Pesedahan - Kec. Manggis piodalan diiringi tari Rejang, Pendet dan Tari Kris pukul 14.00 wita.

- Pura Candidasa, Bugbug -Kecamatan Karangasem piodalan pukul 07.00 wita.

24-30 July

Pura Panti Kaler, Timbrah - Karangasem district. Usaba Sumbu/ Guling ceremony, with the following events;

- 24 July, Melasti procession to pasir putih beach start at 10.00 am

- 27 July, Bangun sumbu kaler/ usaba sumbu start at 09.00 am. And usaba guling ritual by offering roasted pig from all village people at 09.00pm.

- 28 July, Pengajengan ritual start at 03.00 pm.

- 29 July, Penyelagan ritual start at 09.00 am.

- 30 July, Bangun sumbuKelod/Usaba Sumbu start at 09.00 am. And usaba guling ritual by offering roasted pig from all village people at 09.00pm.

Pura Panti Kaler, Timbrah Kec. Karangasem Usaba Sumbu / Guling;

- 24 Juli, melasti ke pantai Pasir Putih di Desa Perasi pukul 10.00 wita.

- 27 Juli, bangun sumbu Kaler /usaba sumbu mulai pukul 09.00 wita dan usaba guling pukul 21.00 wita.

- 28 Juli, Pengajengan, mulai pukul 15.00 wita.

- 29 Juli, Penyelagan, mulai pukul 09.00 wita.

- 30 Juli, bangun sumbu.kelod/usaba Sumbu pikul 09.00 wita dan usaba guling dengan persembahaan tiap KK I ekor babi guling amat menarik wisatawan.

26 July

- Throughout Bali by Hindus people. Tumpek Unduh/ Pengatag/ Wariga celebration to thank God to provide plants/ vegetation as source of human life.

- Pura Manik Mas, Besakih complex - Rendang district and Pura Puseh Telengan, Gegelang - Manggis district. Ceremony start at 10.00 am.

- Tumpek Uduh/Pengatag dilaksanakan diseluruh Bali adalah Hari Penghormatan atas ciptaaan Tuhan berupa binatang yang memberikan kehidupan pada manusia.

- Pura Manik Mas,di komplek Pura Besakih - Kec. Rendang dan Pura Puseh Telengan, Gegelang -Kec. Manggis piodalan Pk.10.00 wita.

30 July

Pura Bangun Sakti, Besakih complex - Rendang district. Ceremony start at 10.00 am

Pura Bangun Sakti, di komplek Pura Besakih - Kec. Rendang. Piodalan pukul 10.00 wita.

31 July

Usaba Kepitu ceremony,
upacara Usaba Kepitu;

- The ritual of seventh month started with special ritual of "Mesanggah Tengah" held in front of each house entrance, early morning followed by ceremony and meeting at Bale Agung.

- "ritual memperingati bulan ketujuh kalender Bali yang dibuka ritual "Mesanggah Tengah" dilaksanakan di depan pintu masuk rumah, pada pagi harinya diadakan upacara dan rapat di Bale Agung.

15 August

- "Muhu-muhu" second event of Usaba Kepitu started with ritual in fronth of each house entrance at early morning followed by ceremony and meeting at Bale Agung up to noon. The series of rituals ended with exorcing underworld spirits away from the village area which done by women, bachelors and children by striking the village's wooden bell, throwing stones, etc. lasting till at night.

- "Muhu-muhu" acara hari kedua Usaba Kepitu dimulai dengan ritual didepan pintu tiap rumah dilanjutkan upacara dan rapat di Bale Agung sampai siang hari. Rangkaian ritual ini ditutup dengan pembebasan roh jahat dari dalam bumi jauh dari wilayah desa oleh para perempuan, pemuda dan anak-anak dengan menandai desa dengan lonceng kayu, melempar batu, dll. Sampai malam hari.



Temple anniversary celebrations at :

7 June

Throughout Bali, Saraswati day is the day to celebrate knowledge and literature at the home and all school.
Saraswati hari turunnya ilmu pengetahuan dengan symbol seorang dewi yang cantik dirayakan di seluruh Bali dan disekolah - sekolah.

8 June

The beach or spring water at Karangasem. Banyu Pinaruh procession after Saraswati celebration, to cleanse and purify themselve start at 05.00 - 10.00 am.
Banyu Pinaruh prosesi sehari setelah Saraswati dengan mendatangi sumber mata air atau laut memohon berkat pengetahuan kepada Tuhan pukul 05.00 - 10.00 wita.

9 June

Pura Desa, Linggawana Kertha Mandala - Abang district. Ceremony accompanied by Rejang Dewe, Wewalen and Baris Gede dances start at 02.00 pm.
Pura Desa, Linggawana Kertha Mandala - Kec.Abang piodalan diiringi Tari Rejang Dewe, Wewalen dan Baris Gede pukul 14.00 wita.

11 June

Throughout Bali, Pagerwesi celebration is to thank to Sanghyang Pramesti Guru for retaining himself from the bad influences.
Pagerwesi hari raya penghormatan kepada Sanghyang Pramesti Gurusebagai dewa pelindung pengaruh buruk dalam kehidupan dilaksanakan di seluruh Bali.

18 June

Pura Masceti, Gegelang - Manggis district. Usaba Emping ceremony
Pura Masceti, Gegelang -Kec. Manggis, Usaba Emping

24 May

Usaba Kelima/ Sambah ceremony,
upacara Usaba Kelima/ Sambah ;

The biggest cultural event throughout the year, a whole month celebrations from May 24th until July 25th , with details of the program as below ;
Merupakan acara kebudayaan paling besar pada tahun ini yang dipenuhi upacara sebulan penuh mulai tgl. 24 Mei ~ 25 Juli, dengan program upacara sebagai berikut :

- Mamiut is rituals held at all village's Temple to ask safety and successfulness for the biggest ceremony to be held during month time.

- Mamiut adalah ritual yang diadakan di semua pura desa untuk memohon keselamatan dan kesuksesan upacara paling besar yang dilaksanakan selama satu bulan penuh.

26 May

- Meeting and ritual held at Puseh Sembangan temple attended by the Temple's adherents, cheered with Selonding music.

- Rapat dan ritual dilakukan di Pura Puseh Sembangan yang diikuti oleh seluruh anggota pura dimeriahkan gamelan Selonding.

30 May

- Mati Ombo Sanghyang is special event when Deities abide at Bale Agung for three days. The event commenced with slaughtering a buffalo with shared kris at 12.00 am, accompanied by Selonding music preceded by procession to Bale Agung at 05.00 pm.

- "Mati Ombo Sanghyang" adalah upacara khusus ketika Dewa-dewa diletakkan di Bale Agung selama tiga hari. Acara penyembelihan kerbau dan pengumpulan Keris pukul 12.00 wita, prosesi diawali iringan gamelan Selonding di Bale Agung pukul 17.00 wita.

2 June

- Last day of Mati Ombo Sanghyang when the Deities return in procession to Raja Purana temple at 06.00 pm while the ancient swing is set up, cheered with Selonding music.

- Merupakan hari terakhir prosesi Mati Ombo Sanghyang, prosesi pengembalian para Dewa ke Pura Raja Purana pada pukul 18.00 wita. Pemasangan ayunan kuno diiringi gamelan Selonding.

4 June

- A group of maidens collect holy water to public bathing place, while the other pray at Batu Keben temple and Telaga temple. The ancient swing is purified, blessed and then tried while Selonding music cheers the atmosphere. This event followed by special ceremony for boys who officially accepted as "calon teruna" (bachelor of the village)

- Sekelompok anak gadis mengumpulkan air suci ke pemandian umum, yang lainnya berdoa di Pura Batu Keben dan Pura Telaga. Ayunan kuno disucikan, didoa-I dan dicoba, suasana dimeriahkan gamelan Selonding. Acara ini dilanjutkan dengan upacara khusus untuk anak laki-laki yang secara resmi diterima sebagai "calon teruna".

5 June

- Second day of collecting holy water while the man attending a meeting. This event followed by swinging together on the ancient swing.

- Hari kedua pengumpulan air suci dan para pria desa menghadiri rapat. Dilanjutkan dengan bermain ayunan bersama.

6 June

Mulan Saat" a special event which started by woman activities who's all dressed up in their finest & specific traditional dress at 09.00 am. The main ceremony start at 01.00 pm accompanied by Abwang dance performed at Bale Agung at 12.00 Am ended with Selonding group playing music around the village.

- "Mulan Saat" acara khusus yang diawali kegiatan para wanita yang memakai pakaian khusus tradisional terbaik mereka pukul 09.00 wita. Upacara utama dimulai pukul 13.00 wita dawali tari Abwang yang dilakukan di Bale

7 June

- "Mulan Daha" special event for maidens only, with Abwang dance performed in front of Petemu Kaja (north hall), Patemu Tengah (centre hall) and Kelod (south) at 06.00 pm, while Selonding music played by bachelors marching around the village at 08.00 pm.

- "Mulan Daha" merupakan acara khusus hanya untuk para gadis dimana tarian Abwang diadakan di Patemu Kaja (utara), Patemu Tengah dan Kelod (selatan) pukul 18.00 wita, sedangkan para pemuda bermain gamelan Selonding keliling desa pukul 20.00 wita.

9 June

- "Ngelawad", krama desa truna of Temu Kelod and Jero Pasek praying and present Ngelawad offerings at Pura's; Puseh Sembangan, Petung and Batan Cagi temples.

- "Ngelawad" dimana para pemuda desa dari temu Kelod dan Jero Pasek berdoa dan membawa sesaji ke pura Puseh Sembangan, Pura Petung dan Pura Batan Cagi.

9 June

- Symbolic "Makare" without actual fighting at Bale Agung with Gambang music.

- "Makare" secara simbolis tanpa pertarungan sesungguhnya dilaksanakan di Bale Agung dan gamelan Gambang.

9 June

- "Muran Desa" the special event held in every three years for the whole village consists a series of rituals like purification and sacrificial ceremonies focused at Bale Agung, started from 04.00 pm until late at night with Selonding music cheering the atmosphere. Attended by all villager with their finest traditional dress.

- "Muran desa" adalah upacara special yang dilakukan tiap tiga tahun sekali terdiri dari serangkaian prosesi upacara sakral dan suci berpusat di Bale Agung mulai pukul 16,00 wita sampai larut malam dimeriahkan gamelan Selonding. Upacara ini diikuti semua warga desa yang berpakaian tradisional terbaiknya.

10 June

- "Maling-malingan" (maling means the thief) is special event where two young man representing their respective group steal some meat available at Bale Agung. When they finally captures by the villagers after being chased a couple of time, then they dress up with old banana leaves clothes, flower, necklace of cow bell and then carried along the village roads (as to show that the criminal is unforgiving/ intolerant). This funny and cheerful event finally ended with Abwang dance performed by the maidens at Patemu. "Makare-kare" (duel between group of young man each armed with two pieces of thorny pandanous leaves and pleated rattan as the armor), held at Bale Agung at 04.00 pm.

- "Maling-malingan" (pencuri) acara khusus yang dilakukan oleh dua pemuda sebagai pencuri daging di Bale Agung lalu ditangkap oleh masyarakat setelah pengejaran selama beberapa jam kemudian dipakaikan baju daun pisang, bunga dan dikalungi lonceng kerbau diarak keliling desa (menunjukan bahwa penjahat tidak akan diampuni). Acara lucu dan seru ini diakhiri tarian Abwang oleh para gadis di Patemu. Dilanjutkan dengan Makare-kare (pareng pandan) di Bale Agung pukul 16.00 wita.

11 June

- "Mabwang Kala"(exorcizing evil spirits) is special event started with Abwang dance performed in front of Patemu (block of residence) followed with moving around the Patemu and ended up with chanting holy hymn together at 08.00 pm. Symbolical Makare-kare held at Bale Agung at 04.00 pm

- "Mabwang Kala" (pembebasan roh jahat) upacara khusus yang diawali tari Abwang didepan Patemu lalu mengelilingi Patemu dan diakhiri dengan melantunkan kidung suci bersama-sama pukul 20.00 wita. Makare-kare secara simbolis diadakan di Bale Agung pukul 16.00 wita.

11 June

- "Muran teruna" (special event for bachelors) held every three years in a whole day long which consist of various activities done by village's bachelors w/ main program is selecting a maiden to be their respective partner to attend the series of ceremony.

- "Muran Teruna" (acara khusus untuk pemuda) diadakan tiap tiga tahun sekali selama sehari penuh, berbagai kegiatan dilakukan oleh para pemuda desa dengan acara utamanya memilih gadis sebagai pasangannya untuk menghadiri rangkaian upacara nanti.

13 June

- "Makare-kare at Patemu Kelod" at 04.00 pm followed by maidens and little girls in complete traditional dress swinging on the old spinning chair (ancient swing) at 06.00 pm and ended by praying in Pura Banjar.

- Makare-kare di Patemu Kelod pukul 16.00 wita diikuti oleh para gadis dan anak-anak perempuan berpakaian tradisional bermain ayunan kuno pukul 18.00 wita dan diakhiri dengan doa di pura Banjar.

14 June

- "Makare-kare in Petemu Kaja" (duel among a group of men each armed with two pieces of thorny pandanous leaves and plated rattan as the armor) as part of the rituals along noon while the maidens praying in village's temple at around 04.00 pm.

- Makare-kare atau duel/ perang bersenjatakan pandan berduri dan tameng rotan sebagai bagian dari ritual di siang hari, dan para gadis berdoa di pura desa pukul 16.00 wita.

15 June

- "Makare-kare Patemu Tengah/ Pengrame" (the Most Hotted) preceded with procession around the village by playing music, Rejang and Abwang dances. "Makare-kare" welcome anybody or stranger to participate in with stress put on the dancing characteristic which nobody loose or win at 11.00 am. Wound got during the duel which could be easily good with traditional medicine. This event followed by the series of rituals and chanting hymns, sacred performances of Rejang and Kris dances at 04.00 pm. The entire event is ended by Abwang dance performance and ritual at Subak Daha at 09.00 pm.

- Makare-kare Patemu Tengah( atraksi paling ramai), diawali prosesi keliling desa bermain gamelan, tari Rejang dan tari Abwang. Mekare-kare diadakan pukul 11.00 wita yang bisa diikuti semua orang/ orang asing dengan poin utama pada karakter gerak tari dimana tidak ada menang atau kalah. Luka-luka akibat duel ini akan segera sembuh dengan pengobatan tradisional mereka. Acara ini merupakan rangkaian dari ritual dan menyanyikan kidung, penampilan tarian sakral Rejang dan Kris pukul 16.00 wita. Rangkaian prosesi diakhiri tari Rejang dan ritual di subak Daha pada pukul 21.00 wita.

16 June

- Prayer held at Banjar temple with Rejang dance and Selonding music at 06.00 am. Roasting pig followed by Abwang dance are held at Subak Daha, the participant are the village's bachelors and maidens at 09.00 pm.

- Persembahyangan di pura Banjar diiringi tari Rejang dan gamelan Selonding pukul 06.00 wita. Sesaji babi guling dan tari Abwang dilaksanakan di subak Daha, pesertanya adalah para pemuda pemudi desa pukul 21.00 wita.

25 June

- Nyajah" the closing ceremony of Usaba Sambah attended by whole villagers according to their respective social functions in the community of Tenganan Pegringsingan.

- "Nyajah" upacara penutupan Usaba Sambah yang dihadiri seluruh masyarakat desa untuk menghormati fungsi social dikomunitas Tenganan Pegringsingan.

18 Jun. - 01 Jul.

Usaba Sumbu ceremony, upacara Usaba Sumbu ;

- 18 June, 'Murnama and 'Mesembur' ceremony (in purpose telling Deities that in the few days will held Usaba Sumbu ceremony) held at Bale Agung temple at 10.00 pm till finished.

- Upacara 'Murnama' dan 'Mesembur' (bertujuan u/ memberitahukan para dewa bahwa dalam waktu dekat akan dilangsungkan upacara Usaba Sumbu) yang dilaksanakan di pura Bale Agung pukul 22.00 wita sampai selesai.

- 21 Juni, 'Pemahbahan ceremony at Beji Sage, Penataran and Pesuikan temples at 08.00 pm till finished. When 'Pemahbahan' held 'mesucian' at Penataran continued by 'melinggih' at Pesuikan temple.

- Upacara 'Pemahbahan' di Beji Saga, Penataran dan pura Pesuikan, pada jam 20.00 wita sampai selesai. Saat 'Pemahbahan' dilakukan 'mesucian' di Penataran kemudian diteruskan dengan melinggih di pura Pesuikan.

- 22 - 23 June, Deities 'mesolah' / dancing at Pesuikan temple at 09.00 pm till finished.

- Ida batara 'mesolah' di pura Pesuikan pukul 21.00 wita sampai selesai.

- 24 June, 'Pemios' ceremony at Dulun Yeh temple/ Ulun Suwi, held at 05.00 pm till finished.

- Upacara 'Pemios' di pura Dulun Yeh/ Ulun Suwi, dilakukan pukul 17.00 wita sampai selesai.

- 25 June, 'Pengajengan' ceremony in Bale Agung temple (along with Rejang Daha dance) at 08.00 pm - 03.00 am.

- Upacara 'Pengajengan' di pura Bale Agung (diiringi Rejang Daha) pukul 20.00 - 03.00 (dinihari).

- 'Pengajengan' ceremony in Bale Agung at 02.00 - 04.00 pm, all Asak villager come to pray along with Rejang Daha Asak dance. Then tomorrow held Rejang Daha Bungaya dance at 08.00 pm - 03.00 am.

- Upacara 'Pengajengan' di Pura Bale Agung, pada pukul 14.00 - 16.00 wita, warga desa Asak datang sembahyang dengan membawa tari Rejang Daha Asak. Esok harinya dilaksanakan tari Rejang Daha Bungaya pukul 20.00 - 03.00 wita.

- 27 June, 'Pengusan (ngeluarang)' ceremony Bale Agung temple, this ceremony as the information to Deities that Usaba Sumbu ceremony was finished and the Deities can return to their own place.

- Upacara 'Pengusan (ngeluarang)' jam 01.00 pm until finish di pura Bale Agung, upacara permakluman kepada para dewa bahwa rangkaian Usaba Sumbu telah selesai dan para Dewa dipersilahkan kembali ke tempat masing-masing.

- 28 June, at 09.00 am till finished held 'Ngelungsur' banten tegeh/ pajegan on morning of 27rd June, can be lungsur/ bring to home after 'Ngelungsur ceremony.

- Jam 09.00 sampai selesai upacara 'Ngelungsur' banten tegeh/ pajegan yang dilakukan tgl 27 Juni pagi baru bisa dilungsur / dibahwa pulang setelah upacara 'Ngelungsur'.

- 01 Juli, 'Mecaru' ceremony held in Bale Agung temple and all banjar adat at 03.00 - 05.00 pm.

- Upacara 'Mecaru' yang dilakukan di Bale Agung dan seluruh banjar adat, pukul 15.00 wita - Selesai.

21 June

- Throughout Bali by Hindus people, Tumpek Landep celebration is to thank to Sanghyang Pasupati due to gave the strength, powerful and sharpness any kind of weapon/ metal.

- Pura Ida Ratu Pande, Pura Besakih complex - Rendang district, Pura Dalem, Gegelang - Manggis district. Ceremony start at 10.00 am.

- Apit Yeh - Manggis district, ceremony accompanied by sacred Barong dance performed at 06.00 pm.

- Tumpek Landep Hari penghormatan kepada Sanghyang Pasupati dengan ciptaannya berupa alat /senjata tajam yang berguna untuk kehidupan manusia, dilaksanakan oleh seluruh umat Hindu.

- Pura Ida Ratu Pande, di komplek Pura Besakih -Kec. Rendang dan Pura Dalem, Gegelang -Kec Manggis piodalan pukul 10.00 wita

- Apit Yeh - Kec.Manggis, Piodalan Barong sacral pukul 18.00 wita.

21-23 June

Desa Tenganan Dauh Tukad , Manggis District, with the following events;.

- 21 June, Dehe Nyambah ritual is procession of teen celebration for boy and girl start at 09.00 am..

- 22 June, Metekrok ritual is unique and sacral ritual which presenting a tree fulfil by various fruit, snack and meal then to be eaten together start 10.00 am.

- 23 June, Mekare - kare ceremony is ritual by fighting used thorny pandanous leaves as the Indra Deva's army symbol in fight agains the evil (the same with Mekare-kare Tenganan) accompanied by Selonding orchestra, held at 01.00 pm.

10 June

Desa Tenganan Dauh Tukad Kecamatan Manggis.

- 21 Juni Upacara Dehe Nyambah yaitu upacara akil balik dilaksanakan oleh masyarakat yang telah dewasa`baik laki (truna) maupun perempuan (dehe) mulai pukul 09.00 Wita

- 22 Juni ,Acara Metekrok yaitu acara unik dan sakral yang menjadi tradisi lokal berupa pohon yang berisi beraneka buah dan makanan yang dikelilingi oleh masyarakat tua dan muda yang pada akhirnya dimakan bersama-sama mulai Pukul 10.00 wita.

- 23 Juni, Mekare - Kare ( Perang Pandan ) yaitu tradisi perang mempergunakan daun pandan berduri sebagai simbol pasukan indra dalam memenangkan perang melawan keangkaramurkaan , tradisi ini sama dengan didesa tetangganya yaitu Desa Tenganan Pegringsingan. Pukul : 13.00 wita diiringi gamelan selunding.

25 June .

Pura Pasar Agung, Sebudi - Selat district and Pura Tirta, Pura Batu Madeg, Nyuhtebel - Manggis district. Ceremony at 03.00 pm.
Pura Pasar Agung, Sebudi - Kec. Selat dan Pura Tirta , PuraBatu Madeg, Nyuhtebel - Kec Manggis piodalan.pukul. 15.00 wita.